• Better Student Housing Builds Better Communities

    Better Student Housing Builds Better Communities For the past decade, across the United States, developers have been building a boom in purpose-built student housing. These mid-rise and high-rise units challenge the old stereotypes of student housing; the buildings are high quality, and feature amenities that cater to student needs.These developments alter the student housing market […]

  • Six Storey Wood Frame Construction Enhancing the Urban Landscape

    Change in Ontario Building CodeSix-Storey Wood-Frame Buildings Will Enhance the Urban Landscape A much-needed change in the Ontario Building Code could also bring about a new look in the Canadian urban landscape. The province will soon allow wood-frame buildings, which can be built up to six-storeys, raising the limit from four-storey dwellings. This change is […]

  • Best Time to Invest and Build

    Report Challenges Apartment Industry, Says Now is the Best Time to Invest and Build New Rental Stock (Vaughan, Halton, Markham, Waterloo and Toronto all poised for strong growth) A report on the state of the Ontario Apartment Industry found the cities of Markham and Vaughan to be the best areas in Ontario to invest in […]

  • Sparking the Toronto Apartment Construction Industry

    How Condominiums Will Spark Toronto’s Apartment Construction Industry The next five years will see a significant increase in the construction of new purpose-built rental apartments in the centres of Canadian cities. For years, the conditions have been favourable for building new apartments across Canada, but increasingly the signs are that the development industry is taking […]

  • The Need for Family Friendly Apartments

    Growing Demand for Family-Friendly Apartment Units Hits the Downtown Core Apartment Developers Must Address the Rising Family Market For those of us in the business, it is a very good time to be a part of the purpose-built rental apartment industry. Years of restrained supply and burgeoning demand for rental housing have created a perfect […]

  • New Apartment Construction Boom

    Ontario is set for a boom in new apartment construction, says Derek Lobo, founder and CEO of Rock Advisors Inc., a major real-estate valuation consultant and broker specializing in apartments. “The boom is already starting,” says Lobo. “It’s just that some developers haven’t realized it, yet.” Lobo points to the softening condominium market and continued […]

  • Student Housing & Commercial Investor

    If you think about student housing, a number of images come to mind, and many of them unfavourable, but like most urban myths, the reality is very different. These days are exciting days to be investing in the purpose-built rental apartment industry, and the niche of student housing offers many unexpected rewards for those who […]

  • Apartment Real Estate Investments Undervalued, Time to Develop Apartments

    Canadian REITs yielding more than American counterparts The value of shares in Canadian real estate investment trusts remain stubbornly low, according to financial experts, saying that their performance on the stock market does not reflect their performance in the industry. Experts have listed shares of Canadian REITs as good long-term buys as a result. The […]

  • Brokers Should Cooperate

    At SVN Rock Advisors Inc., we believe in co-brokerage. We believe the industry as a whole, and everybody in it, benefits if brokers work together to bring deals to the wider marketplace. And don’t take our word for it. We asked the Ivey School of Business to study the co-brokerage phenomenon. Their report, Ivey Study [...]