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Shopping Centre Redevelopment with Residential

  • September 12, 2017
  • Apartments
Redevelopment of Shopping Centres with Residential Space The idea of intensification of an existing retail site through mixed-use is gaining tracking in Canada at an impressive rate. Ottawa and Toronto have both received, and are at various stages in the approval process, for several major redevelopment plans. Below is a collection of some of these plans.
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As land becomes scarce and Canada’s population grows, shopping centre landlords are increasingly intensifying their properties by adding on-site residential buildings. Adding rental apartment buildings to mall properties is a smart move for landlords seeking to add value to their properties, says one expert. Suburban Canadian malls are typically of a low density, featuring one
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For those of us in the business, it is a very good time to be a part of the purpose-built rental apartment industry. Years of restrained supply and burgeoning demand for rental housing have created a perfect storm, making apartment buildings an excellent investment for developers. While the downtown cores of most Canadian cities have
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Micro apartments are increasingly becoming a part of the purpose-built rental apartment market, particularly in cities like Vancouver or Toronto where the marketplace has made rents significantly high. Micro apartments aren’t new. They have been a part of the New York scene and, in Japan and Hong Kong, these apartments in the 1970s made the
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