Apartment Leasing University

Apartment Leasing University

Outperform the Market

You can now livestream the Apartment Leasing University and
interact with coaches from your home or office!

November 17th 10am EST

Perfect your leasing strategy

Advance your real estate career

Increase property valuee

Tactical training for modern leasing professionals.
All from your home or office.

In uncertain times, leasing teams that are trained to accurately find the rent ceiling in the market and increase property value are much more likely to thrive. Learn the leasing tactics and sales strategies that will help you advance your career with confidence. Join our interactive training sessions AND receive real-time coaching in an online format and breakout rooms where you can share your story and practice with others to make sure that you’re doing it right.

Get access to live training sessions from Derek Lobo and his team!

Use the free scripts and resources to apply your skills between biweekly sessions

Share your experiences and get live feedback and coaching

Start growing the value of your career and the value of the building you lease after session one

Do all this from the comfort of your office or living room!

Recorded sessions are available for a limited time for you to catch up or join us the following month for any sessions you missed live.

Level-up your leasing techniques in under 5 minutes

Fast forward your property and career growth, while the rest of the world is hitting pause. Download this free video (4:47 min)

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Your Apartment Leasing University live training includes:

7 online sessions / 60-90 minutes each / Interactive & Collaborative / Live at 10am / Tuesdays & Thursdays for 3.5 Weeks / Program Repeated Monthly

Be part of a lean, mean, leasing machine

When you are part of a frontline leasing team that has the tools and education they need to meet targets and defend occupancies, you can move forward with confidence. Continuing education and training is the simplest and most cost effective way to stay ahead of the market





1. Will there be a replay afterwards?

Yes. Attendees will have access to a recording of the morning’s meeting, which will also be available to watch until the next session begins.

2. How can my whole team attend together?

Click here to get discount codes for multiple registration or call Tanya at (905) 331-5700 ext. 217 for more information.

3. What’s the difference between Apartment Developer University and Apartment Leasing University?

Apartment Developer University is a program that teaches developers how to develop apartment buildings. Apartment Leasing University on the other hand is a training program that teaches leasing staff how to lease apartments.

4. I have many buildings and many staff; how do I know if this is going to be effective training?

Register some of your staff with discount codes. You will love this program and will want to bring additional staff new hires in the following months.

SVN Rock Advisors Client Ratings

"The only course I've found that gives you everything you need to develop apartments from the ground up." "This course was an amazing opportunity to network with other industry professionals." "Our team learned so much about apartment development in just 8 sessions with Derek Lobo and his team of experts."

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What is my investment?

Apartment Leasing University is $1095/person for seven sessions of live interactive training courses. When you are empowered and equipped to lease more apartments and raise rents, your building value will increase, and your career trajectory will skyrocket. Did you know? Just adding $100 to the rent roll increases your property value by $24,000 (5% cap)
($100 x 12 months) / 5% cap rate = $24,000

Registration for the November Course is Now Open!
Apartment Leasing University
CAD $1095/Attendee
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Become the leasing agent every property manager dreams of

Derek Lobo

Broker of Record - SVN Rock Advisors Inc.

"When your leasing agents are empowered to raise the rent ceiling, you will soar over any storm on the horizon."

I've weathered multiple storms and been through several major global economic downturns during my 30-year career—1980's Recession, 1990 Recession, Early 2000's Recession, 2008 Financial Crisis, to name a few.

I was a leasing agent during many of these years. In times like these, vacancies popped up like thundershowers overnight. I knew I had to work smarter than ever before. I learned from the best and developed my own flight operations manual and pre-flight checklist. Instead of scrambling and making rent concessions to fill vacancies, I was able to weather each storm and grow the value of the properties I was managing.

I'm prepared to share my leasing flight operations manual with you so that you can fly high over any storm on the horizon.