Affordable Housing Webinar Series








Starting Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at 10am EST $499 CAD ($299 CAD until Feb 28th!)

The opportunity to build affordable housing in Canada has never been more significant. All levels of government are working towards creating a platform (this trend is your friend) to encourage the development of affordable housing. This webinar series is designed for the stakeholders who need to be involved to solve the housing crisis. This is a “by the numbers workshop” filled with actionable strategies, tactics, case models, and financial models.


Private developers’ misconceptions about renter profiles and lower development profits are no longer true. The renter profile is the Canadian middle-class and development returns are strong due to preferential CMHC financing options.


We will not be discussing how big the need is – that’s already been defined. All that matters now, is ACTION!

    What To Expect:

    1. Affordable Housing – State of the Nation and What to Do About It

    2. The Municipality’s Role – It Starts with Welcoming Developers and Making it Simpler to Build in Your Town

    3. Show me the Money – Working with Traditional Lenders, Institutional Lenders, and CMHC

    4. How Private Developers Pivot to Affordable Housing and the Business Case

    5. Where and What to Build, and How Much Money You Will Make Building Affordable Housing

    6. Developer Orientation – A Crash Course on How to Work with Governments, Agencies and Responding the RFPs

    7. Cracking the Code for Accessing Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Funding

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