Apartment Developer University

Special Offer for Apartment Developers

We are excited about the upcoming launch of our learning portal, Apartment University! We have had requests so we are making a special offer that is available until the launch of the learning portal later this summer.

Get access to the 12, 90-min recordings of the popular Apartment Developer University Webinar Series.

Since the portal is a few months away, we know many developers cannot wait… So we have a limited-time offer of the ENTIRE Apartment Developer University curriculum for only $2,000 (previously offered at $3,000)

SAVE $1,000 and receive your SPECIAL GIFT!

What to Expect:

Here is an Overview of the 12 Sessions:

Fundamentals of Apartment Development

The Feasibility Study: The 5 Questions Every Developer Must Answer Before Breaking Ground

A Fieldguide to Rental Apartment Development By The Numbers: Building a Detailed Financing Feasibility Model & Stress Testing it

The 4 Factors that Drive Rent: And Why You Have to get All 4 Correct

Financing New Apartment Construction: How to Make Your Development Attractive to Lenders; When to CMHC Financing

A Fieldguide to Municipal Taxes and Operating Costs

Designing an Apartment Building to Keep or Sell: What’s the Difference?

Making the Decision: Condo or Rental, and Mixed-Use: The Pros and Cons of Condo Titling Your Purpose-Built Rental Project

How to Structure a Joint Venture so the Developer (and the Lender) Wins

Writing & Executing The Marketing and Operating Plan to Get Your Building Full at the Highest Rent

Writing and Executing the Sales Plan Hiring, Training, Managing and Compensating Leasing Staff for Maximum Results

Developing Your Business Plan to Become a Merchant Apartment Builder and/or Building Intergenerational Wealth

Your Special Gift:

Receive a 100-page book! Part of The Future Apartment Developer Series (The Blueprint for Building Rental Apartments and Intergenerational Wealth) – $100+ Value



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