Eastern Ontario, stretching from Port Hope in the west to Algonquin Park in the north and the Quebec border in the east is, along with the Niagara Region, the oldest settled area of Ontario. Outside of Ottawa and Kingston, eastern Ontario remains a very rural part of the province, featuring many small towns with small apartment markets. Eastern Ontario also features the cities of Kingston, Belleville and Peterborough, which have long histories and are the administrative and industrial centres of their surrounding areas.

Eastern Ontario is a stable market with good average rents and moderate-to-low vacancies. Kingston, in particular, has a strong apartment market, thanks to its established industry, and the presence of a major university (Queen’s) and a Canadian Forces base. Investors have a lot of opportunity here in the form of student housing and in the repositioning of older properties.


The City of Ottawa is more than Canada’s capital. It is a vibrant urban centre of 883,391, the second largest city in Ontario, with a diverse economy that includes public sector workers, high tech industries, finance and more. Its apartment universe is over 60,000 units strong, and the city is served by two prestigious universities (Carleton and Ottawa), raising the demand for student housing.

There are many reasons to invest in Ottawa, both buying built apartments, and building new construction. Let SVN ROCK bring its more than twenty-five years of experience to bear as we help you make the most out of your investment in our nation’s capital.