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Capitalising on Existing Shopping Centre Sites by Intensifying with Rental Apartment Buildings


Date: Oct. 2, 2017

Time: 1 – 3 PM

Location: Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel

Session 1: Derek Lobo

Session 2: Panel of leading industry experts

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Session 1: Apartment Industry Expert Derek Lobo on How and Why Shopping Centres Should Intensify On-Site with New Apartment Construction

Intensifying low-density retail sites with apartment buildings is one of the best and most lucrative development opportunities in Canada today. Key benefits include:

  • Increased revenue and NOI
  • Increased retail traffic
  • Increased land values
  • Additional residential without foregoing air rights
  • Built-in customer base for your retailers
  • Maintain the flexibility to redevelop the property if/when the retail platform becomes obsolete or the area evolves

In this session, we will give an insider’s perspective on why new apartment construction is the best asset class with which to intensify your retail site. We will identify which sites are most ideal to intensify with new apartment construction, and then drill down with detailed and proven advice on:

  • Where should you build?
  • What should you build? Do they all have to be multi storey? Can you make money/lease apartments in two, three, and four storeys vs. Much taller?
  • What’s the depth of the market?
  • How much rent can you charge?
  • How much you make if you build apartments and sell?
  • How to finance rental apartments
  • What are the financing benefits to creating mixed use?
  • What does apartment/commercial financing look like?
  • How to structure a deal with a “merchant apartment builder”. Are there marriages out there between apartment owner/developer and commercial?
  • Where does a commercial/retail developer turn to understand how to build mixed-use?
  • What is the impact of rent control?

We will review the ‘9 Mistakes Shopping Centre Developers May Make in Building and Leasing Apartments’; followed by a discussion around the financing benefits of new apartment construction over other potential asset classes for site intensification, and identify the potential pitfalls and mistakes that shopping centre developers need to avoid when building and leasing apartments. We will also discuss how preferential CMHC Financing for rental apartments will lower your cost of capital.

Session 2: Panel Discussion: Retail Industry Experts on How New Apartment Construction Was the Best Option to Intensify Existing Shopping Centre Sites

Join Canada’s leading industry experts in retail development to get insiders’ perspectives on the benefits of new apartment construction to densify existing shopping centre sites.

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